Welcome to the Nutanix Cloud Shack!

Welcome to the Nutanix Cloud Shack, an eight-part video series where our technical experts discuss and dispel the myths around modernising the datacentre, specifically - hyper convergence, managing business critical applications, storage, networking and multi-cloud. Plus, get answers to our most commonly asked questions:

  1. Why HCI?
  2. Can I manage all my environments from a single console?
  3. Can I deploy applications to multiple clouds?
  4. What can you do to reduce complexity of my storage types?
  5. Is this really the ‘one’ place to run all my applications?
  6. Reveal the truth of your public cloud consumption?
  7. Cloud native security from day one!
  8. Test Drive – Take a look yourself?
Please note: The Nutanix goodies and prize draw promotional offers mentioned in the 2019 Cloud Shack video series expired on 31st August 2019. No further promotional offer is available after this date.